MOULDS by Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus


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Two young creative czech designers Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus made it again! After a spectacular Neverending Story they designed lights pendants called Moulds.

It is not hard to guess from where they get their inspiration. Czech Republic’s design is strongly connected with its glassblowing history. It would be silly not to take advantage of that!

Moulds are produced by Lasvit
Photo by Martin Chum

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14 Bocci

Simple and poetic story / Bocci 14

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Rene Roubicek for Lasvit

 Rene Roubicek for Lasvit

René Roubíček

René Roubíček (born 1922) is a Czech glass icon. Glass art as an independent art discipline was actually born in Czechoslovakia and it was first introduced to the world by Mr. Roubíček, over half a century ago. His spatial dimensional abstract compositions combining metal and glass caused a sensation at the 1958 Expo in Brussels Roubíček subsequently won the Grand Prix Expo award. His work is represented in many major galleries worldwide.


“And Why Not!”

René Roubíček´s chandelier designed for Lasvit named by its author “And why not!” refers to his lifelong experimentation and searching compositions and forms incarnated in glass. The chandelier´s emotionally intense sculptural form resembles a flash and is an evolution of Roubíček´s core designs based on dynamic abstraction. Light gliding on large smoothly polished surfaces while absorbed by the mass of the glass creates a unique atmosphere.

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In Women power we trust!

Since 2008 six glass artists from Norway and Sweden are formed The Art Group named Dynamo. Inspiring and Creative community grows in strength.

Ina Kristine, Kersti Johannessen, Lene Lunde, Tuva Gonsholt, Anna Roger and Louise Olsson.


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International Glass Symposium 2012

Nový Bor in Czech Republic. The Big world of glass art in such a small place. Every 3 years International Glass Symposium invite the artist from all around the world to participate in this amazing event.

Video made by Igor Zacharov 

(good job!)

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